Thai-language Headlines of October 24, 2011

Komchadluek, October 24, 2011
– The floods come closer again – Patumthani-Bangbuatong-Nontaburi and more coming to Bangkok.
– World food crisis! UN is afraid of a lack of foods because Asia is drowning. Asia is the big production resource of food. 6 industrial estates were flooded and lost 300 billion baht. Less half amount of travelers for the hotel business, traveling in Thailand loses 50 billion baht.
– Rescuers retrieved two crocodiles yesterday in Bang Bua Thong as flood waters trigger food shortages in nearby Bang Kruai and Ban Yai districts.
– Poo ordered to control Pra-in water gate strictly. More than 4000 people in Rangsit were cut off from all infrastructure.
– FROC wall post in Facebook attacks the Nation media group. Internet people argue over this half an hour before FROC deleted it.

Thairath, October 24, 2011
– Crocodiles found in Bang Bua Thong. They were afraid of them killing children. The flood is coming to Don Mueng Airport. Mr. Sukhumpan claimed that the government ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to open the water gate to drain water out to sea and this will impact the people.
– Yingluck appointed Mr. Chadchawan Pannawatinan as the only one who can carry a key to control water gates and [he should] control Pra-in racha Watergate strictly [Khlong 1 Rangsit]
– Pheu Thai deducted 10% from all ministries to spend to help flood victims and reduced the budget of government business trips as well.
– There was fire at a row house in Chonburi. 2 Burmese people were killed.

Matichon, October, 2011
– Vice president of the Royal Irrigation Department is carrying a key to control the water gate. Poo ordered to control this strictly.
– The government is discussing about the capital city recovery plan and handle the huge deluge plan.
– Bangkok residences are frightened and don’t know when the flood will come. They are all making big walls made of brick or sandbags to handle the coming deluge.
– The Democrats warns the Thai Truth Commission to be aware of the compensation issue. The TTC wants to compensate people affected by the chaotic political situation, but Jatuporn said all victims don’t need to wait for the court’s judgment, and must pay it now. But the Democrats do not want to use people’s income tax money to spend, it’s not Thaksin’s money.

Daily News, October 24, 2011
– It’s time for the big deluge in Bangkok. The PM worries about Laksi-Donmueng. There are many crocodiles come out. 26 Oct is D-day when 10 billion cubic metres [of water] will attack Bangkok.
– Hotel increase rates to double. Flood victims are suffering and all products and services are expensive during flood situations.
– The foreign media reported that Thailand flooding is a test of the PM and she will make it through. The Democrat Party attacked and claimed that taking care of people is priority not amending the the Defense Administration Act.

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