Thai-language Headlines of October 17, 2011

Komchadluek, October 17, 2011
– The Flood Rescue Centre confirms there will be a big volume of water passing Bangkok. PM isn’t downhearted. She ordered soldiers to rescue people in 5 provinces.
– There’s crisis in Nawanakorn. Water hasn’t stopped increasing. 5 factories in industrial estates in Ayuthaya underwater. It will take 6 months to recover.
– Pheu Thai is waiting for the flood the decrease, [after] they will go on to the Defense Ministry Administration Act amendment.
– The owner of van transportation business was cruelly murdered.  She had her throat cut in a hotel in Cambodia.

Matichon, October 17, 2011
– Factoryland underwater, 2-levels of protection for Nawanakorn, but the water is increasing.
– To help factories, business, and others flood victims recover, the low interest loan will be launched.
– Board of Royal Thai police will appoint Priewpan [as new chief] on 19 October.
– MCOT fan club revealed that there’s politics intervening into the dismissal of its director.
– 19 name lists to amend the Defense Ministry Administration Act were proposed and will finalized in the meeting of National Legislative Assembly on 24 October.

Thairath, October 17, 2011
– Saimai-Donmueng are risk of flooding. Sukumpan asked to close the watergate at Klong 1. 5 factories underwater in industrial estate.
– Soldiers will take care of [flooding in] 5 provinces [Nakornsawan, Ayuthaya, Lobburi, Patumthani, and Nontaburi], Bangkok is safe.
– The owner of a van transportation business was cruelly murdered.  Her throat was cut in a hotel in Cambodia and 3 million baht was stolen.
– Democrat Party tried to obstruct the Defense Ministry Administration Act, but Pheu Thai confirmed they will go on amendment when the flood decreases.

Daily News, October 17, 2011
– 1000 ships mobilized to drain water into the sea. Navanakorn will safe, but factory land underwater.
– Kid’s body found, was smashed on head and died in the sea. 
– Hunting psychopath who raped nurse’s assistant and killed her by cutting her throat in the forest.
– The owner of van transportation was murdered in a casino in Cambodia.
– Police Lieutenant Colonel committed suicide because he quarreled with his wife.

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