Thai-language Headlines of October 13, 2011

Komchadluek, October 13, 2011
– 4 Industrial Estates [Ladkrabang, Welgrow, Anyani, Bangplee] afraid of the coming flood in the city. Toyota temporary stops production. 50,000 laborers evacuated.
– The King is so worried about Thai people. He ordered to dig more canals to drain water out from both sides {of the city].
–  There’s a 4 meter flood in Paknampo, 200,000 people are hurriedly evacuating. People flock to bring their cars to park on the expressway and tollway.
– Pheu Thai Party still keep on proposing to amend Defense Ministry Administration Act.
– Ryu [Thai actor] was speeding his car, almost burnt to death. 

Thairath, October 13, 2011
– Big volume of water is coming to Bangkok this 15 Oct because of high tides.
– Nakorn Sawan flooded and announced to be a disaster area. 
– Mr. Prayuth went to help people from flooding in Patumthani and was met by a Red Shirt group. They asked why he didn’t participate in reconciliation. This made him sad and he asked to stop color separation, political moves, and [the amending of the] Defense Ministry Administration Act.
– The Crime Suppression Division has submitted its investigative report on the five Constitution Court clips for prosecution review, recommending to drop the case involving a key suspect Pasit Sakdanarong who is adviser to the Public Health minister. [refers to the leaked clips of constitutional judges discussing the Democrat Party disbandment case]
– Found: A big Siamese rosewood in the Kao Praviharn National Park. They are hurrying to survey it and do GPS coordinates before someone cuts it down.

Daily News, October 13, 2011
– Commander-in-Chief of the Army said let the country be peaceful rather than quarrel about Defense Ministry Administration Act.
– The king is worried about this flood disaster. He recommends to control the flood and drain the deluge into the sea.
– Ryu [Thai actor] was speeding in his BMW till it caught fire. He almost burnt to death. Lucky he survived, people helped him [escape] in time.
– Police dropped the case of Pasit Sakdanarong [adviser to the Public Health minister] who is the suspect of scandalous clips on Youtube.
– Rayong people flock in Maerumpueng beach to catch keay shrimps as their part time job. These shrimps left the mangrove forest [apparently because of flood waters].

Matichon, October 13, 2011
– Yingluck gave a flood report to the King. The King recommended to control the flood by draining the deluge into the sea.
– Toyota factory stops production for 4 days. And other 930 factories are shut down.
– Crime Suppression Department dropped the case of Pasit Sakdanarong about a clip because in the clip they can’t see faces clearly.
– Bangkok people are preparing to handle this coming flood. Sand prices are getting very high and it is becoming a rare item.

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