Thai-language Headlines of October 10, 2011

Komchadluek, October 10, 2011
– Ayutthaya is in chaos as many residents were forced to evacuate from flooded areas. The Ayutthaya hospital and Rojana Industrial Park were heavily flooded.
– Two people were shot dead at Naratiwat by presumed insurgents.
– Aphisit criticized the Pheu Thai government for trying to push for an amendment to the 2008 Defense Military Administration Acts. [refers to the amendment to have the military reshuffle controlled by politicians]
– A group of people protested against “Emporium Flora and Fauna Exotica: The myth of Pandor” a event showcases rare wildlife in the air-condition mall in the Emporium.

Thairath, October 10, 2011
– Mr. Sukumpan accepted that Bangkok will have a crisis. He’s preparing water pumps. They can’t break down.
– A drunk shot a good person many times, because the drunk crashed into someone’s car and a good person saw it and blocked him [from running away].
– Robbed and murdered taxi driver in the Bangchan area.
– Terrorists in the south shot a man to ridicule [or protest] Mr. Kovit Wattana because he went to a meeting about putting out at a policy for Narathiwat.

Daily News, October 10, 2011
– The flood crisis made Bangkok frightened. 9 districts warned to be careful.  Cut off electric supply all over city [in Ayuthaya]. 198 factories shut down.
– Cruel murder and robbery of a taxi driver. His throat was cut.
– The senate supports that the Defense Ministry Administrative Act amendment is dictatorial.
– Southern terrorists shot a man pitifully.
– [Police] Took down an ice-drug dealer in Nakorn Pathom and found 5 teenagers were taking drugs.

Matichon, October 10, 2011
– The army was given an order to offer all necessary assistance to flood-affected residents and to take over the job of protecting Ayutthya from further damage. Rojana industrial park was destroyed while 5 other industrial estates are vulnerable to flooding. Yingluck also canceled overseas trips due to the national flood situation.
– After launching the rice mortgage scheme for three days, there are only 10,000 tons of rice being processed.
– Police asserted that Mr. Kaseam was involved in killing Mr. Pap while Moui refused of giving accommodation to a hit man.
– In attempting to help flood-victims in many provinces, 40 millions of rice bags, known as blue flag rice, which is normally cheaper than the market price, and dry noodles (known as Mama) will be supplied.

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