Thai-language Headlines of November 8, 2011

Komchadluek, November 8, 2011
– Froc is unwilling to let Rama 2 sink, they will use a rescue plan for Suphanburi as a way around to the south of Thailand.
– The PM is not frustrated even she’s judged by the army that she failed. She asked [all] not to play politics games.
– The King is stressed because of the flood. He is worried about Thai people very much, so he’s sick. He watched the news of flooding for 5 hours. His heart is with Thai people all the time.
– Suthisarn-Bangchan is handling flooding crisis, all residences there must evacuate. BMA brought in 326 water pumps to fight the flood.
– Bangkok people evacuate to the northeast area, make LPG is out of stock. Some merchants will use this opportunity to increase prices.

Matichon, November 8, 2011
– Water flows out of every canal in Bangkok. Silom well prepared to handle the coming flood. All big companies made high embankments in front of their offices.
– BMA idea to solve the garbage problem is to cancel Loy Krathong day.
– Thailand economic restoration committees will discuss the request for 46 billion baht to help 5 groups of the flood affected. The policy will include loans with low interest, house loans for 100% (but not over 1 million baht), fixing houses (not over 100k baht) and personal loans for farmers of 30k baht each.
– The next semester of school will be postponed until 21 November. Schools are waiting for 1.4 billion baht to repair 2000 schools.

Daily News,  November 8, 2011
– Even though FROC’s office is surrounded by floodwater, it still asserted that its office will not be relocated. The water level at Sansab canel almost reaches a critical point. The Minster of Science and Technology, Mr. Prodprasob, still further criticized BMA for mismanagement.
– Mr. Teera sneaked away to go temple to make merit. Yingluck still resisted giving out the name list of cabinet reshuffle. Mr. Banharn requested positions to be re-positioned himself.
– An actress of channel 7 was robbed of 4 million baht after she left her house for evacuation.
– Two soldiers were charged with the murder of two men.

Thairath, November 8, 2011
– As Bang Sue canal is inundated, the officials hastened prevent the floodwaters from moving towards to Pathumwan area.
– Froc uses big bags to reduce the volume of water flow to the western area [of Bangkok].
– Start digging Rama 2 road to let water flow to the sea. FROC is waiting to analyse the situation of the water level. Floodwater is moving towards Saphan Khwai. Victory Monument is the next target for the water to hit.
– 3000 baht will be used as compensation to restore Bangkok residents. This will require a 3 billion baht budget. Poo confirmed she will not leave Thai people.
– A warning for women who wade to water to be careful of itchy symptoms at their vaginas.
– The police will have a training course about boat driving to take care of people in the flood situation.
– The PM is waiting for the flooding to end and she will reshuffle the cabinet for sure in Jan 2012.

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