Thai-language Headlines of November 30, 2011

Komchadluek, November 30, 2011
– Supoj is within the scope of unusually rich. Seize all evidence and investigate the network of this scandalous money. House investigated for 5 hours. [refers to the millions in cash found in the house of the permanent secretary of transport]
– EC ruled to discharge Jatuporn from the house of representatives.
– Report to arrest Mr. Sa-nguim who brought the protesters to open the watergate.
– Energy credit card for NGV will be launched December 1. The credit limit is 3000 baht. 50 satang discount per 2 Baht/Kg.
– Poo admitted to Rama 9 Hospital because of diarrhea.

Matichon, November 30, 2011
– Computers and documents seized from Supoj’s house for investigation for unusual wealth.
– EC’s resolution 4:1 that Jatuporn will be discharged from the house of representative.
– Red Shirt leader at Patumthani brought protesters to protect the watergate at Khlong Prayasurane. Bangbuatong [residents] were angry, so they closed the road.
– Postpone to appoint the Deputy Commanding General and Commander until the end of the year.  Attracting attention that Chalerm’s brother will be on the board of MEA.

Thairath, November 30, 2011
– Supoj’s house raided and evidence seized.
– PM stopped her mission [to Vietnam] and admitted [to the hospital] because of food poisoning.
– HM King will appear at Mookdej palace on 5 December.
– Crocodile bites young boy’s leg.
– Arrest 24-year-old man who cheats 300 baht on chain.

Daily News, November 30, 2011
– The final resolution 4:1, EC rules to discharge Mr. Jatuporn from the house of representatives.
– PM got diarrhea and was admitted in Rama 9 Hospital.
– King Bhumibol Adulyadej – A Life’s Work book will be launched in English to celebrate his birthday.
– Investigate Supoj’s house to find his money network. The police will be able to arrest Mr. Koh [the ringleader of those who robbed his house] for sure.
– The protesters seize Khlong Prayasurane again. Sa-nguim, the leader, confirmed that he will not negotiate with the governor till the flood decreases.
– The Ministry of Transportation and Communications claims Jatujak land back from the BMA, and wants state Railway of Thailand to manage it. [referring to Jatujak Market]

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