Thai-language Headlines of November 29, 2011

Komchadluek, November 29, 2011
– Shuffle 5 positions [Santi-Worawaj-Surapong-Krissana-Surawit], but don’t touch Banharn. 273 votes for Pracha. Democrats aim to [force an] adjustment of the cabinet after new year. 
– Sukhumbhan [Bangkok Governor] revealed Froc brought residents to put pressure to open the watergate at Namprayasurane. The water overflows to Saimai. The cabinet requests the rehabilitation budget of 12 billion baht.
– The police sent an investigation team to Laos to bring Mr. Koh back to Thailand and sent his relatives to persuade him as well. [the alleged mastermind of the heist at the permanent secretary of transport]
– China believed drugs gangsters killed the 13 sailors.

Matichon, November 29, 2011
– The police are waiting in Laos to send back Mr. Koh. Chalerm moves forward this case, he arranges the meeting outside the parliament.
– Pracha wins no-confidence vote of 273:188. Yingluck won’t adjust the cabinet. Democrats will propose to remove nine MPs.
– Sukhumbhan got angry and implied the PM ordered the watergate opened. In fact, he revealed that Froc were ordered to open it arbitrarily and claimed that it’s the PM’s command.
– The second [school] semester will probably be postponed and tests will be delayed for grade 6-9.
– Flood effects aggravate poor people, those with less income/higher debt. They request the government to support them.

Thairath, November 29, 2011
– Sukhumbhan got very angry and bawled that Froc brought protesters to open the watergate at Prayasurane by 1.5 metres.
– Pracha wins the no-confidence vote by 273:188. A provincial governor disclosed that he was forced to distribute rescue bags in Pitsanulok.
– Priewpan moves forward to arrest drugs suspects with drugs valued at 400k baht.
– Poo is preparing to demolish big bag [dykes] before 5 Dec.
– A cruel rich man who shot his wife multiple times was arrested. He did it because his wife abused his parents.

Daily News, November 29, 2011
– No-confidence vote supports Pracha by 273:188. Poo confirmed that she will not adjust the cabinet.
– BMA disclosed that Office of the Prime Minister’s inspector who is related to Froc is the one who opened the watergate at Prayaprasurane. 
– Metropolitan Police Commander confirmed Koh will not be killed to break the link. [police often terminate suspects in politically sensitive cases to protect important people]
– Arresting the cruel stepfather that beat his 3 year-old stepson to death.
– Daily News will launch a special edition for Giant Deluge of 2011. Proceeds will be donated to the flood affected.

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