Thai-language Headlines of November 28, 2011

Komchadluek, November 28, 2011
– Pracha is softened up [as if from punching] from investigation of his three scandalous failures–people management, work management and money management. He argued that he didn’t cheat. [this refers to the no-confidence debate on Sunday for the Justice Minister]
– The police estimated that they will get Mr. Koh in 3 days. And Chalerm confirm this story won’t end after getting Mr. Koh. [this refers to the one of the thieves involved in the heist of at least 18 million baht from the permanent secretary of transport]
– Patumthani residents were angry, they demolish big bag [dykes], so there’s flooding on both sides. Meanwhile Nonthaburi is getting better.
– Arresting a hot-tempered senior general who shot a photographer who parked his car blocking general’s car. [The man who was shot was a Bangkok Post photographer.]

Matichon, November 28, 2011
– The police know the source of Supoj’s money–100 million baht–and confirm that they will get Mr. Koh in 2-3 days. Chalerm will disclose the cheating on the BTS process in 1-2 days.
– Pracha-Jurin question arguments on 27 Nov 2011 on Pracha’s failure of management. [referring to yesterday’s no-confidence debate on Pracha]
– More than 100 residents in Patumthani demolished big bag dykes on Tiwanont Road. The floods overflow to Bangkadi area.
– Honda invited a middleman to witness its car destruction [the scrapping of all the new vehicles at its factory that was flooded–it was widely rumored that the vehicles would be resold on the grey market for less than 100,000 baht each]. All contractors are happy there will be long queue for car repair [because of the flooding]
– Malay flood overflows to 4 sub-districts in Naratiwat. There will be disaster.

Thairath, November 28, 2011
– Democrat attacked Pracha verbally on the investigation on rescue bags [purchasing scandal].
– Patumthani throng to demolish big bags dyke.
– Hunting cruel step father that killed his 2-year-old step son. Knocked his head, kicked him until his spleen broke, kill him, and flushed him down the toilet.
– Hot-tempered general shot the photographer because he blocked his car.
– The poll result about flood solution showing an impressive showing by the PM.

Daily News, November 28, 2011
– Cuts to the heart of Pracha, argument on the cheating on [the purchase of] rescue bags, [he] give orders haphazardly. [refers to the no-confidence debate]
– The general was very angry at the photographer because the photographer drove his noisy car and he blocked his car as well. So the general shot him.
– Rubbish buyers are rich because of collecting rubbish after the flood decreases.

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