Thai-language Headlines of November 25, 2011

Komchadluek, November 25, 2011
– Clear up the robbery case, it links to the BTS construction and the construction in Udorn Thani. There was 8% commission [bribe]. Sopon denied that he involved with this. [refers to the millions of baht found at the home of the permanent secretary of transport]
– Bangkae underwater again. Residents close Karnjanapisek road and threaten Froc and BMA to help. Meanwhile Nonthaburi residents are happy the water level decreases. Residents in Rangsit threaten to seize the tollway.
– Of the 19 reds that commit lese majeste in their speech, there’s no any lese majeste message [in what they said]. Big Bung [Gen. Sonthi] argued to let them to have a chance for an amnesty decree.
– The Nor kam group killed 13 Chinese sailors. 20 million baht [reward] to hunt them. [refers to the Thai soldiers who massacred the crew of a Chinese ship]
– A moody old man used an 11mm [pistol] to shoot neighbors, father and daughter in the middle of a road.

Matichon, November 25, 2011
– Revealed: The robbery of the permanent secretary [of transport] linked to the BTS construction and Nong Nat is involved with this.
– [They] Closed the road – demolished the dyke. Poo discussed to demolish the big bag [dyke]. The Ministry of Interior discussed with 7 governors and they guaranteed that it will be dry before December 5.
– The Ministry of Interior was angry and argued Pracha has shifted guilt to him about the rescue bags. [referring to the scandal surrounding the rescue bags purchase]
– There was a flash flood and big storm that attacked 10 provinces in the south of Thailand.

Daily News, November 25, 2011
– Patum and Nontannuri residents happy for the decision of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to order to dismantle big bag barriers to cool the anger of long-suffering residents of flooded areas. Thonburi residents’ tempers still remain high and they blocked Karnchanapisek Road.
– Two manufacturers decide to re-locate production to Cambodia to avoid the floods in the future.
– Deputy Prime Minister keep on pushing to pass amnesty. [referring to Chalerm insisting an amnesty must be passed to bring back Thaksin]
– Father and daughter were brutally killed.

Thairath, November 25, 2011
– Chalerm disclosed during a parliament meeting that Supoj’s money is related to 4 line [extension of] BTS. [Chalerm has been alleging that the millions of baht in cash at the permanent secretary of transport’s house were kickbacks from the recent bidding on the BTS extension]
– Flood tempers remain high and the protests are spreading–especially at Thonburi and Patumthani.
– PM Yingluck is ready to dismantle the big bags barrier if there will is a solution for draining [the water] out.
– Yongyuth is supporting Pracha by advising him to wait for the results of the investigation from the DSI. [referring to the rescue bags purchase scandal]
– According to the “Ideal Sex in Asia” survey, Thai men is at the forth place for having sexual intercourse.

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