Thai-language Headlines of November 23, 2011

Komchadluek, November 23, 2011
– The Democrats seize the stolen money and started to investigate Mr. Supoj for corruption. [He is] Too much rich and hides money. He earned 15 million baht, but he didn’t declare it.
– Chalerm is hurrying to push the amnesty decree. The government sent the decree to the HM king already, and the PM confirmed Thaksin’s name is not on it.
– BMA is resisting to open the watergate. Nonthaburi residents are upset that they have to live in water.
– The amulet expert and a country singer extorted money [from another person]. The police will be able to arrest that gang soon.
– Poo will not increase the budget for flood rehabilitation. [But] She will use only one standard for it. [meaning she won’t use it for political purposes]

Thairath, November 23, 2011
– The Democrat hurry to investigate the permanent secretary for three problems, conviction for unusual wealth.
– 4 districts of Nonthaburi are happy that BMA will open watergates. 
– A country singer and amulet expert extorted money from a man that owed them 8 million baht for amulets.
– Jaika appointed[Japanese organization] as a consultant for water management. 
– Report: Amnesty decree sent to HM The King already.

Daily News, November 23, 2011
– Nonthaburi residents asked the BMA to keep the promise that the Mahasawad watergate will be opened to drain the flood waters.
– Janjoun was accused and under the warrant of arrest for threatening to kill the amulet expert.
– The National Anti-corruption Commission ordered a freeze on the 15 million baht allegedly stolen from Transport Permanent Secretary Supoj’s home.
– Police arrested six drug dealers and killed one with a load of drugs worth of 400 million baht.

Matichon, November 23, 2011
– Referring to the flooding in Thailand, there were 102 killed by being electrocuted.
– Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung insisted to have the name of Thaksin in the list of convicts eligible to benefit from Royal Pardon decree.
– The National Anti-corruption Commission will charge Mr. Supoj with three allegations while it also ordered a freeze on 15 million baht.
– Two top-officials of MRTA were under investigation for allegations of swindling in the purple line BTS [bidding].
– The cabinet refuses the Flood Recovery and Restoration Committee that requested 80 billion baht. The Water Management Strategic Committee pulls in Jaika to be a consultant.

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