Thai-language Headlines of November 2, 2011

Komchadluek, November 2, 2011
– [Bangkok Governor] Sukhumbhand argued against Yingluck [and said that] two industrial estates are threatened with flooding. He also further asked the FROC to re-consider about the opening of the floodgate at Klong Sam Wa, because 50 districts will flood.
– The government discussed the law to control the water gate at Meenburi-Ramindra. There are more problems at Nakorn Pathom. They need the King’s order urgently to protect embankments from being destroyed.
– The issue of the 800 billion baht loan for new Thailand projects to recover all households and agriculture.

Daily News, November 2, 2011
– Bangkokians are split. One group want to fix the water gate at Khlong Sam Wa and want the police to protect it. Another group [residents] attack those officers. Now Vipawadee-Petchkasem has a flood crisis. All roads are closed.
– A burglar wanted to steal from the 8th fl of apartment in Suthisarn area. The owner came back and called the police. The burglar was panicked and jumped out from the 8th fl and died on the apartment wall.
– Mr. Somsak was blamed by Democrat Party for postponing the meeting of the House. They want him to resign and claim that he’s not independent and is dictatorial.
– A naked Indian guy was cruelly murdered and stuffed in luggage, he was part of a human trafficking gang. 

Matichon, November 2, 2011
– Bangkok governor will use the section 37 of the law to control Khlong Sam Wa [dyke] to intercept the protest [people wanting to tear down the dyke].
– Mr. Somsak, the president of House of Representatives, felt all ministers are on duty for flood relief, so he postponed the meeting.
– The Asia Highway was cleared and the way from the north to Bangkok doesn’t need to go on a roundabout route.
– Flood crisis in Thailand makes the inflation rate goes up 4%

Thairath, November 2, 2011
– Major [Ratachayothin] and Central [Department Store] are the next places for flood attack after Kaset intersection. 
– The Ministry of Commerce set the selling price for 16 products in short supply.
– PM Poo sulks away from the press who tries to ask questions. The next meeting of House of Representatives, Democrat will analyze the failure of flood solution for this government.
– The government prepares the recovery plan after the water decreases. They will recover Don Muang airport on 4 November and move Froc back to Don Muang. If it passes this week [without more flooding], Bangkok will survive.

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