Thai-language Headlines of November 10, 2011

Komchadluek, November 10, 2011
– Bangchan in crisis, water overflows at Khlong San Sab. Bring more water pumps, big bags couldn’t handle [the water].
– 20 factories closed down, orders to protect Ladkrabang strictly. BMA orders all residents in Yanawa to evacuate.
– Warning on deadly viruses, the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand watches over the flood closely. New virus spread out with no drugs to cure them.

Matichon, November 10, 2011
– 20 factories closed down and evacuated. There is a crisis at Bangchan.
– Sumet revealed he just wants to help Poo. The Ministry of Commerce called him to complain about his new position, but he didn’t care–he wants to do it for Thailand.
– The Democrats criticized the budget in the flood solution meeting. For the next year budget voting, Poo has to get more than 272 votes to pass.

Thairath, November 10, 2011
– Water level in the east of Bangkok is still dangerous. Bangkapi area is at risk, water from Vibhavadi almost flows over to Bangsue canal. Rama 2 is at high risk.
– Sympathizing with residents behind the big bag [dykes], the Ministry of the Interior keeps a promise to compensate them. PM concerned about the quality of tap water, she warned people to boil it before drinking.
– Policewomen Lieutenant General was arrested, she was delivering pseudoephedrine to drug gangsters to make drugs.
– Next year’s budget was set more than necessary which also has a negative impact on people.
– Electric bills will be divided into 3 installments for flood victims.

Daily News, November 10, 2011
– Bangkokians are under the threat of water draining [through the area].
– Pheu Thai-Democrat are fighting for credit concerning the flooding. Chalerm threatens to fire the Bangkok governor.
– Thailand will be recover in 1 year as Dr. Krong presented the new water system strategy.
– The doctor who took care of Micheal Jackson was found guilty of giving an overdose of medicines.
– A man ate steak and it stuck in his throat and he died.

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