M Leg “despicable” music video: Thai-language Headlines of February 13, 2012

Daily News, February 13, 2012
– Whitney Houston has passed away mysteriously.
– True love for disabled woman by Aussie guy. He flew over to Thailand to see his girlfriend.

– Music video was lusty: “M Leg” music video is broadcast on youtube. It’s despicable in both lyric and dance routine.
– Thaksin flew to Beijing and gave an order to the Pheu Thai Party’s MP to win in a local election.

Komchadluek, February 13, 2012
– Shock! Whitney Houston passed away mysteriously in the luxury hotel.
– Mafia fighting, a father and son died, because they were angry that they were extorted for bribes.
– BMA indicates to put a hold on the case of demolishing the Aetas Hotel. [referring to the ruling that the large building should not have been allowed to be built in a tiny soi]
– Mark aimed to attack government on 3 issues: failed on the flood problem solving, expensive products, not sincere to harmonize [society].

Thairath, February 13, 2012
– An arrogant motorbike mafia gang used guns to extort bribes from a father and a son who ride motorbikes for living. The mafia killed them after they fought them.
– Depressing! Queen of Pop, Whitney Houston passed away suddenly.
– The Democrat Party proposed that the government should build a tunnel to drain water out.
– 300 million baht seized from drug dealers in Rayong.
– Minister of Natural Resources and Environment proposes to the cabinet to reclaim land.

Matichon, February 13, 2012
 – Poo [PM Yingluck] is on the trip to the North to convince 5 provinces to on floodwater measures by starting from Uttaradit province. 
– Government decided to pay not more than 7.5 million baht to the victims in the south of Thailand.
– The queen went to a funeral to cremate for a former abbot at Wat Cha Na.
– Strictly controlled: youngsters who are under 18 to have sex on Valentine’s Day.

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