Thai-language Headlines of December 7, 2011

Komchadluek, December 7, 2011
– The big resolution must be clarified in 30 days. NACC pressed to investigate the source of Supoj’s money. It is connected to 9 banks. The police search for Koh in Laos. [referring to the robbery at the permanent secretary of transport]
– Fugitive red-shirt leader Arisman Pongruangrong yesterday surrendered to the Pattaya Provincial Court. The court allows bail for him to fight the terrorism case.
– Grammy didn’t talk to Sek [Loso, the singer] yet, they let the society judge him. They will wait for him to finish his performances, then they will talk to him. [referring to the singer photographed smoking a bong]
– A swindler of chain shares was arrested. Almost 20 victims lost about 300 million baht. [referring to a ponzi scam]

Matichon, December 7, 2011
– Department of Corrections releases some prisoners and mitigates some sentences for good behavior.
– NACC disclosed that 8 million baht was from 9 banks. The police pressed more on Supoj. [referring to the robbery at the permanent secretary of transport]
– The Transportation Deputy Minister accepted that he and Sukampol are inharmonious, but he claimed that they opposed to each over just little issues.
– Statement of Aphisit-Chalerm about the result from 91 deaths investigation. [referring to the questioning of former government figures over the Red Shirt clearance in 2010]

Thairath, December 7, 2011
– The government’s promised to heed His Majesty the King’s birthday message on Monday urging all sides to work together to solve flood problems and to come up with projects for sustainable water management.
– Arisman set to surrender to DSI today at Pattaya.
– The National Anti-Corruption Commission will order permanent secretary of transport Supoj Saplom to declare the assets he had in his possession on the day his home was robbed.
– Volunteer ‘Spirit for the King’ group drove back home after helping flood affected people. Bad Motorbike gangsters chased them. They drove away and hit an electricity pole. 3 died.

Daily News, December 7, 2011
– Arisman is back to Thailand already and then surrendered at Pattaya. He prepares to meet DSI and will submit 2 million baht for bail.
– The PM promised to follow HM the King’s advice to quickly solve the flood problem.
– Kepler 22B–the new world–was found. NASA confirmed that humans can live there.
– The Ministry of Transportation argument ended. The leader of Pheu Thai acted as an intermediary. They still keep secret about the cabinet reshuffle.
– The National Anti-Corruption Commission [NACC] attacked and pressed permanent secretary for transport Supoj to clarify his mystery money.

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