Thai-language Headlines of December 6, 2011

Komchadluek, December 6, 2011
– HM the King asked everyone to help solve the flood problem and not be divided.
– Rumor effect, false clues – All made the police misunderstand [throw them off the track]. So they have to rely on soldiers’ clues to trace Koh. NCCC [National Counter Corruption Commission] made an appointment to discuss this case, they will clarify in 30 days. [referring to the theft from the permanent secretary of transport’s house]
– Sek closed [stopped using] the internet to escape [the attention]. All his friends have shut up and claim that’s it is a personal issue. [referring to a singer embroiled in a drugs and sex scandal]
– Sivalee village in Rangsit has been underwater for a long time because that area is lower than the canal. Froc is very worried about the Thonburi area. It’s very difficult to drain out to the Tajeen River.

Matichon, December 6, 2011
– His Majesty the King has called on all sides to put aside their differences and work in unity to help flood victims and to develop sustainable water management mechanisms for the benefit of the people and national stability.
– NCCC [National Counter Corruption Commission] will clarify the source of Supoj’s money in 30 days. They will press Supoj. [referring to the theft from the permanent secretary of transport’s house]
– Thaksin is happy that the government will adjust the cabinet after the new year and don’t wait for the 111 to be unlocked. [referring to the 111 Thai Rak Thai executives banned from political activities almost five years ago]
– Suspicious of the PM’s failure on Facebook, Democrats and senators press her to apologize to the Thai people. [Refers to the tribute photo for the King’s birthday on the PM’s Facebook page being of former King Ananda Mahidol. This sort of error is similar to the needling of the monarchy that constantly goes on in Red Shirt media. It led some to think that the PM was engaging in this Red Shirt behavior. It is more likely thought that the PM was sabotaged by more radical Red Shirt sympathizers who are afraid the PM will abandon their causes once Thaksin is able to return.]
– The president of the taxi association wants the government to reconsider the energy credit card. He claim that constitution doesn’t work.

Thairath, December 6, 2011
– Long Live The King. The voice from the Thai people’s heart is out loud all over Thailand. He is concerned about unity.
– How could they fail on Facebook page? Democrats recommend Yingluck not to use Facebook and Twitter after the failure of posting the royal family’s pictures. The deputy army commander of the first region area exclaims, wondering how could they could fail.
– The police send some spies to trace Koh in Laos. Koh hesitated to report himself or goes on to escape to Vietnam. [referring to the theft from the permanent secretary of transport’s house]

Daily News, December 6, 2011
– Do not split up, HM the king repeated. And work in unity to help flood victims. 60 million hearts bless HM the King.
– Mr. Kittisak repeated that Big Oh [Air Chief Marshal Sukampol] overstepped. Government officials reveal the reason of conflict. Big soldier attack Poo about Facebook.
– Floods in the Thonburi area will dry by 15 December.  They hurry to pump out as much water as possible.
– Sek’s son encourages his mother. His fan club doesn’t believe the famous rocker is drug addicted.

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