Thai-language Headlines of December 5, 2011

Komchadluek, December 5, 2011
– Mr. Sak [Thai singer] revealed that if he did it, he would admit it. He also posted on Facebook that the release of his new song will not be affected. [referring to a photo circulated of him embracing several women in bed]
– The Queen Elizabeth of England has sent the birthday message to greet His Majesty. The government informed that birthday celebrations would be kept short. Opinion polls illustrate that they want Thai people to love and forgive each other.
– The 2011 Royal Pardon decree doesn’t have the name of Thaksin.
– An assembly of people who admired Steve Jobs discussed about the consequences after his death.

Thairath, December 5, 2011
– International heads of state and leaders such as the queen of England, Pope, and Obama altogether send blessing to HM the King of Thailand.
– Sak [Thai singer] was seen in a photo hugging girls – His ex-wife exposed his behavior.
– Surapong [Foreign Minister] isn’t afraid of the Democrat Party impeaching him and will continue to doing returning Thaksin’s passport case.
– Tracing Koh, he is with a big godfather in Viengchan. [referring to regional mafia boss Koh who has been on the run from the law]
– Yingluck promises to hurry to rehabilitate the old city of Thailand [meaning Ayuthaya]

Daily News, December 5, 2011
– Chaj [Deputy Transportation and Communications] fights with Sukampol  [Transportation and Communications Minister]. Chaj, together with Red Shirts, reported to Thaksin that Sukampol centralized authority, and made all existing transportation works disorganized.
– The big HM the King’s birthday celebration makes all Thais impressed. Thais want to see Thais love Thailand and be harmonious.
– Truck driver at Nonthaburi shot four times in a row.
– Puthamonthon No. 4 is closed by residents who are angry from a very long period of flooding.
– Jatujak market seized – The State Railway of Thailand will be in charge [instead of BMA]. They started their management plan and revealed the cheap rentals.

Matichon, December 5, 2011
– Many people were waiting to greet His Majesty who came at 10:30am.
– Around 30,000 prisoners were granted under the Royal Pardon Decree.
– Prime Minister Yingluck asked for the Royal Pardon for the wrong photo posting of His Majesty.
– The plan to chase Mr. Kor would restart again and it will start from Tar-Karg. [leader of the gang who robbed the permanent secretary of transport]
– Bangkok Governor Sukumphan announced that by the 31st of December the floodwater will be gone. Prime Minister Yingluck will join a big cleaning day at Ayutthaya.

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