Thai-language Headlines of December 22, 2011

Komchadluek, December 22, 2011
– Raid to destroy a casino at Taopoon. 199 gamblers arrested, the police vow they will arrest the owner.
– Sek took action seriously, he was on stage to swear at Grammy [the record company]. The big boss at Grammy won’t take action [against him]. He will just let him die by himself. [Sek is a Thai singer embroiled in drug and sex scandals]
– The rumor about Ms. Dang [former channel 7 managing director] will join Channel 3. The new management team must plan the business direction. [Channel 3 has struggled to compete with the other Thai channels]
– Poo clarified that there’s no any overlapping profit from the two concessions from Burma.

Thairath, December 22, 2011
– Famous singers resists drugs, they altogether scold Sek for making all of the field of entertainment look rotten. [the Thai singer Sek was pictured smoking a bong]
– Surprise attack to raid a casino at Taopoon, and arrest 199 gamblers.
– Southern terrorists deceived many officers and set bombs in Pattani province.
– The PM is ordered to listen to the majority voice for constitution amendments.

Daily News, December 22, 2011
– Police swoop on gambling den, arrest 200, seize cash.
– Sek challenged Grammy to take him to court. He was also said that he will expose the hidden story of Grammy.
– New year’s festival is ordered to finish at 2:00 am.
– Thai residents led by an NGO will take the government to court for mismanagement of flood waters.

Matichon, December 22, 2011
– Mrs. Sodsri [member of the election commission] proposes to amend the constitution by referendum. Pheu Thai leaders confirm not to touch the 112 law [the lese majeste law].
– Using strategy to arrest and destroy a casino in Taopoon. Almost 200 gamblers arrested.
– NACC continues to hunt source of Supoj’s money. They are investigating international banks. [referring to the permanent secretary of transport who had a huge amount of cash in his home]
– Sue this government for failure in handling the flood situation. People want the government to reimburse the actual amount [they lost].

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