Thai-language Headlines of January 2, 2012

Komchadluek, January 2, 2012
– Songkhla is worse, 12 districts have flooding. They are hurry to evacuate. Warnings for 6 more provinces to be ready.
– Drove too fast and slept without closing eyes, 4 died, 1 injured.
– Kanit [the president of Thai Truth Commission Committee] chases Teung [Banharn Silpa-archa] to read the proposal on the law 112 amendment before commenting. [Kanit came out in favor of amending the lese Majeste law while politicians, like Banharn, are rejecting lese majeste changes out of hand–most likely as part of the political compromises that are being played to either return Thaksin to power or possibly supplant Yingluck as PM]
– BMA discussed with SRT today for Chatuchak assets transferring. [SRT is taking over management of Chatuchak Market]

Thairath, January 2, 2012
– Queues in Hat Yai after the flood, raise the red flag warning for people to evacuate 8 communities.
– Mr. Sanoh Tientong [Pheu Thai’s MP] requested Thaksin not be hunted, it’s enough to confine him outside the country.
– A wealthy Chinese man who is the owner of a Koh Samet resort died because his wife shot him by accident during the new year’s countdown.
– 165 bodies [dead in vehicle accidents] over 3 days during the new year.

Matichon, January 2, 2012
– The police want to check guns and cars from Kanchit [MP allegedly involved in the murder of a political enemy]. The due date will be 3 Jan to investigate at his house.
– Raise up red flag at Hat Yai [to warn for floods].
– Pheu Thai aims to appoint committees for the law section 291 amendment [to amend the 2007 constitution]. Kanit was sarcastic to Teung [Banharn] about careless working. He should read the proposal carefully again [regarding the 112 lese majeste amendment].
– Sukhumbhan denied that he is holding back on the Chatuchak asset transfer. It’s late because of the cabinet’s resolution is not clear. [referring to the move of Chatuchak management to SRT and away from the opposition-aligned BMA – every government attempts to move money-making opportunities to their allies]

Daily News, January 2, 2012
– Heavy rain in 6 provinces in the south of Thailand. Flash floods washed over the village and people couldn’t escape. Roads and railways were cut off. People hoard food like Bangkokians.
– All four people died in a car. They drove too fast and slept without closing eyes.
– The Office of The Election Commission of Thailand believed Thai politics will be violent in the year 2012.
– Attracting attention is that a jackpot for 34 million baht went to the former of school director.

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