Thai-language Headlines of December 12, 2011

Komchadluek, December 12, 2011
– [It is] Disclosed that Ei Tankhun [Democrat MP candidate in the Don Muang area] might be next after they murdered his associate. Karun [member of Parliament in the Don Muang area] confirmed that he wasn’t involved. Their relationship was still good [referring to the relationship between Karun and the deceased who once worked for him before going over to the Democrats]. The Crime Suppression Department will hunt [the killer]. [This refers to the killing of a vote canvasser in the Don Muang area.]
– January 2012, Poo, shows her moves! Pheu Thai gives happy new year to Thaksin in Singapore to discuss about the amnesty decree amendment to the constitution on December 13.
– Poo discussed arranging the flood budget. Big cleaning day – Too much garbage – 4 times [the normal amount] in Bangkok.
– Grammy clarified to the DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration], they couldn’t find Sek [Thai singer embroiled in a drug scandal].

Matichon, December 12, 2011
– Set up to negotiate for on six topics [for changing the constitution]. Thaksin’s idea is that the constitution amendment will discharge guilt from both yellows and reds.
– Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) proposes to the cabinet about the flood rescue plan in the next special meeting.
– Keeping an eye on official teachers’ examination cheating. It is revealed that it costs 300,000 baht to make the teacher applicant pass the exam.
– The killing of Chutidet Suwannakerd might have been politically motivated, said Democrat Party member and former candidate Tankhun Jitissara in reference to the shooting of his vote canvasser, who had earlier worked for Tankhun’s Pheu Thai rival Karun Hosakul.

Thairath, December 12, 2011
– Kittiratt [Deputy Prime Minister] brags his flood management plan will prevent flooding in industrial estates.
– Two gunmen used a machine guns to shoot 3 dead in a mosque. The police suspect conflicts related in local elections.
– Pheu Thai gave the signal to put the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to control the water system management.
– It is disclosed that bombs intended to create turbulence in the city are the same as 3 cases in 2007.
– A taxi driver’s throat was cut and he was killed by a motorbike gangster. It was not robbery.

Daily News, December 12, 2011
– Five people were ordered to be killed in total. Tankhun was afraid that his name was on the blacklist too. The police just awake to start investigating the cruel killing case of Chutidet. Tankhum believed that Chutidet held a secret for Karun [meaning Karun might be involved – this refers to the killing of a vote canvasser in the Don Muang area].
– Thaksin keeps good relationship with Teung [Banharn], he doesn’t touch the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, but discards 3 ministries. [this refers to the cabinet reshuffle, which Thaksin is believed to be deciding on now]
– Patum Thani residents are very angry about the long time flooding. They closed the road and arranged caravan to sell cheap products.
– Chalerm was glad that the police could seize 500 million baht in hell drugs.

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