Thai-language Headlines of December 1, 2011

Komchadluek, December 1, 2011
– The National Bank sent a team with the NACC [the National Anti-Corruption Commission] to question Supoj to investigate his money network. 200k price on Koh’s head. Clues reported that Koh moved to Vietnam. [referring to the investigation of the huge amounts of cash found in the permanent secretary of transport’s house]
– Open more watergates at Prayasurane and prepare to demolish big bags.
– Jatuporn cries out that antagonists want to abolish Pheu Thai. He urged the Red Shirts to be ready to fight outside of parliament. [referring to the disqualification of Jatuporn as an MP]
– Decreasing free electricity quota to 50 units. In Oct 2012 will stop selling Benzil 91. The Energy Policy and Planning Office gave 10 billion baht to rehabilitate  factories.

Matichon, December 1, 2011
– The police went across the Kong River to arrest Koh, but he escaped. It is revealed that Sia Pas, who is wood business man, helped him to escape. [referring to the investigation of the huge amounts of cash found in the permanent secretary of transport’s house – here, the rumor is coming out that influential persons are helping Koh avoid the Thai police to shield the permanent secretary]
– Royals to give award to Poo [PM Yingluck].
– BMA confirmed that east and west area will be dry in 20 days.
– All banks are sad that their ATMs are waterlogged, money is rotted and the Thailand Bank doesn’t allow them exchange [for new notes].
– The NACC meeting that resolved 4:1 to disqualify the leader of Red Shirts, Jatuporn, is claimed to be abnormal. [meaning there was some political motive behind it]

Thairath, December 1, 2011
– The police will give 200K as a reward for Mr. Koh. They almost arrested him but he escaped.
– The flood crisis eases up now. Big bags at Vibhavadee and Paholyothin will be taken down.
– Pheu Thai may propose disqualified [for PM Abhisit] Mark. [in retaliation for the disqualification of MP Jatuporn]
– The “boat neck gangsters” are 6th grade prostitutes who have an agency that are in the same grade with them. 

Daily News, December 1, 2011
– Senior police lead the team to arrest Koh in Laos, and set reward for giving a clue [for his arrest] at 200k baht.
– Royals pleased to promote the ranks of 93 monks to celebrate HM The King’s birthday.
– The poll result showed that Bangkokians are satisfied that [Bangkok Governor] Sukhumbhan that can handle the flooding.
– Aim to drop some charges [leveled against] 19 leaders of UDD for lese majeste.
– Seize JJ [Jatujak] Market, the State Railway of Thailand wants to manage it by themselves. BMA informs that the new rental rate is very expensive.

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