Thai-language Editorial Cartoons Featuring Rape

From Manager, April 13, 2012
On the woman’s shirt: Charter 50 [referring to the 2007 constitution]
A man is shouting: Hey! Stop!!… A tsunami is coming!!!
The caption reads: A tsunami can stop these people.

[This refers to the drive to amend the constitution–presumably to allow Thaksin to return. The cartoonist equates this changing of the charter for Thaksin’s benefit with rape. “Tsunami” is an allusion to a tumultuous political event such as a coup. The caption indicates that these politicians deserve a coup to stop the rape.]

From Manager, April 20, 2012
On the woman’s shirt: Charter 50 [referring to the 2007 constitution]
The president of parliament says: For efficient raping, we have a porn movie service to tempt you guys.
The caption reads: Mr. Somsak may set this up for us.

[Again, referring to amending the constitution along with a recent incident when a pornographic image was displayed on screen in parliament.]

Stop raping Thailand!
Stop raping Thailand! – Daily World Today, June 12-18, 2010

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