Tamarind tree devil at Sanam Luang

From Thairath, March 12, 2020
Title: Tamarind tree devil at Sanam Luang
On sign held by the student: RIP to justice and calls for democracy
On a man with a chair’s shirt: IO operation
On people’s shirts: Destroy the country; Witch-hunt; Right-wing dictator; Instigative media; Pro-military; State-media
Phi Nooring: The old picture is still unforgettable.
Mouse: Don’t do it again.

[Refers the current political situation where students and university students are beginning to hold rallies against the government and military. The cartoon image is from a famous photo from the Thammasat University massacre on October 6, 1976.
At that time, a student was lynched under a tamarind tree at Sanam Luang and hit by pro-military mobs as they that received fake information that the students were insulting the royal family.
The cartoon contends that, during the present time, the government’s Information Operation (IO) is being used to imply that the anti-government student protesters are subtly insulting the royal family and this is being used to demonize them.]

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