Taking back by riding a goat to attack

From Naewna, July 16, 2020
Caption: Taking back by riding a goat to attack.
On the goat: Phao Thai
On lizard: Egypt wins
On the tiger: Thailand wins

[This references the Thai proverb “Taking back by riding a goat to attack” meaning attacking someone when they fail, perhaps similar to the English proverb “If the ox falls, whet your knife.”
Here it refers to the opposition Pheu Thai using the case of Egyptian soldiers sidestepping quarantine to attack the government.
The government was using the pandemic to its advantage before this as Thailand has been a top nation in being able to stamp out the contagion within its borders. The government launched the campaign “Thailand wins” to tout their success and encourage people.
However, allowing Egyptian soldiers to possibly spread Covid-19 validates the popular notion that the government cannot possibly be effective when deeply ingrained notions of being a VIP or “hi-so” are involved.
The cartoonist seems to think that this issue is perhaps a weak pone to attack the government over. The tiger symbolizes the “Eastern Tigers” military clique that has dominated politics since the last coup.]

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