Take all you can!

From Manager, June 18, 2020
On cabinet: Tu Pun Suk.
Table next to yellow cabinet: Four hundred thousand million budget for restoring the economy.
PM Prayuth: Please take them properly… leave some for other people!
Caption: Here also has a Tu Pun Suk.

[Tu Pan Suk is a cabinet where food and other supplies are placed for the poor during this time of need caused by the pandemic. These have sprung up in some provincial areas.
The media has covered several instances of people cleaning out the shelves and leaving nothing for others. This led to a message to the public that people should only take what they need, even though it is free. This message was perplexing for some who appeared genuinely shocked that someone should choose not to take all they could when it was free.
The cartoonist uses this idea to contend that the huge pandemic budget to stimulate the economy was going to be consumed in the same way by rapacious MPs]

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