Suriyasai: Thaksin’s Dubai declaration to topple Mark’s government

Suriyasai: Thaksin's Dubai declaration to topple Mark's government - translated and summarized from Daily News; Column: Politics News; Date: November 24, 2009
[This article was in anticipation of the cancelled early December gathering, but gives some indication of the rhetoric and fears associated with another "final" pro-Thaksin gathering.]

PAD coordinator and acting secretary-general of the New Politics Party reveals the UDD core leaders visited Thaksin at his residence in Dubai and that the Dubai declaration containing the 5 steps is launched aimed at generating chaos in Thailand.
According to Suriyasai, the 5 steps of the plan are
1) The mass gathering of 1,000,000 people
2) The plan to pressure the Abhisit-led government to dissolve parliament by launching UDD mobile protests
3) The plan to wreak chaos in the country if no parliamentary dissolution occurs
4) The plan to continuously denounce General Prem Tinnasulanonda, the Privy Council President and attack the aristocracy-especially during the December 5th celebration period to drag in the Army to be involved and trigger a coup
5) The plan to establish a national reconciliatory government as per Gen. Chavalit Yongjaiyuth’s proposal after this coup. This would give an opportunity for Thaksin to negotiate.

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