Suicide of the Monk


From Manager, January 28, 2016
Monk: Some monks cheating more money from Klongchan Cooperatives than me… no one does anything to them…
Caption: A last realization of some monks.

[Refers to the suicide of well-known monk Phra Phromsuthi, former abbot of Wat Saket. The police have been investigating his death to determine if he actually committed suicide.
Before his death, Phra Phromsuthi was under investigation over the use of a 64-million-baht fund in the arrangement of the funeral of the late acting supreme patriarch, Somdet Kiew.
In the cartoon, his corpse laments that other monks, such as Phra Dhammachayo, the abbot of Dhammakaya temple, were allegedly involved in much bigger scandals, but authorities let them off the hook.]

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