Condemning Sudarat

From Manager, October 16, 2017
Left, Thaksin on the line speaking to Sudarat: Noi… I believe that you are qualified to a leader of my Pheu Thai Party.
Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan: Why is that?
Right: Your shameless and inappropriate manner.
Sign on the front of the car: Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan [“Khunying” is a royally appointed title bestowed on many prominent women in Thai society]

[Refers to Pheu Thai politician Sudarat Keyuraphan who received a strong rebuke throughout society for conducting a public drive on the top of a truck in just the way a campaigning politician would. This raised eyebrows as she did this to campaign for the display of flowers in honor of the late king. It appeared to the public as a politician capitalizing on the ceremonies surrounding the monarch’s cremation.
This was an odd misstep for someone Thaksin had previously mentioned as a person who could be appointed the next head of the Pheu Thai Party.
Later, Sudarat apologized and insisted her intention was merely to encourage people to plant marigolds as a tribute to the late King.
Sudarat’s ride was likely met with glee from even within the Pheu Thai Party where she is opposed, even hated, by the rural political kingpins who control the party’s base. As a Bangkok-based politician who has good relations with the military, she is seen as far outside the mood and ideology of the party.]

From Manager, October 17, 2017
Top left: What I said… Ngao/ Kamin [name of the column and cartoonist]
Tiny white lettering in the blue background: Doing a good thing for dad… by
In giant lettering: Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan
Caption: Don’t you see… her intention to do good thing for dad?

[This mimics the banner on Sudarat’s vehicle as she conducted her campaign-like ride in Bangkok. “Dad” here refers to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.]

From Naewna, October 17, 2017
Above the computer: Social media criticizes Ying Noi [Sudarat’s nickname] getting on the pickup roaming around with aims for a political campaign
On a book hitting Sudarat: The habits of a well-mannered person
Caption: Doing a campaign this time, Khunying received a lot of feedback…

[Below is another cartoon using this same joke…]

From Manager, October 18, 2017
Top left: What I said… Ngao/ Kamin [name of the column and cartoonist]
Top: Going for campaigning by pickup
Bottom: And received a full load of feedback on the truck
In the speech balloons: Condemn

From Daily News, October 19, 2017
On the slop from the bucket: Politics
At the woman’s coat: Sudarat

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