Stepping on the Eastern Tiger’s tail

From Manager, March 19, 2017
Thaksin’s son Oak: You want to stop the harmonizing [reconciliation] plan… do you want to get into a fight with me?
Caption: This kid may be on drugs… seeing a dog as a tiger.

[This cartoon references longstanding allegations and rumors that Thaksin’s son, by virtue of his powerful father, was able to take drugs as he pleased. Critics pointed to Oak’s habit of wearing dark sunglasses all the time as evidence of this claim.
Whatever the truth of these rumors, Oak has more and more emerged, via his Facebook page, as a political voice that dares to speak up against the military–primarily when his family is involved. He spoke out very firmly against the new tax claim against his family over the Shin Crop sale (both Oak and his sister appeared to be share nominees for the controversial sale).
In the cartoon, the tiger represents the Eastern Tigers military clique that now controls the government.]

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