Spanking Death

Two editorial cartoons one from each end of the political spectrum commenting on apparent discord between PAD and the Democrats during the attempt to halt Thaksin’s reconciliation bills.

From Thairath, June 1, 2012
The cartoon titles reads: Let’s reconcile before obstructing reconciliation.
On the headband: Panthamit [meaning the PAD]
The man says: This war is the last war. [while spanking the figure with his hand clapper]
On the saliva: Insult the Democrat Party
On the hooded figure’s cloak: Order to suppress the people
The hooded figure says: Lose in the parliament, but you want to win outside parliament.

[Refers to the apparent discord between the PAD and Democrats during the attempts to halt the reconciliation bills in parliament.]

From Manager, June 4, 2012
PAD leader Sondhi says to Democrat leader Abhisit: You said politics must happen in the parliament, Mark… Why do you come out [to protest on the street]?!
Words behind the stage: The truth – Law to clean up the cheating man’s guilt

[This refers to the PAD chiding the Democrat Party. During earlier political conflicts the Democrats had it both ways–allowing PAD to agitate on the streets while saying that politics should really happen inside parliament. Ultimately the Democrats capitalized on the sweat and tears of anti-government PAD protesters while all the while apparently disapproving of the PAD.
During May’s political disturbances, the Democrats joined the PAD in protests outside of parliament, apparently finally disavowing their earlier stance that “politics should happen inside parliament.”]

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