Translation of a leaflet left by ‘bandits’ in the deep south

More on Troubles in the South and Nationalism and Right-wing Politics Translation of a leaflet left by 'bandits' in the deep South - May 1, 2005
[Our sources in the South provided this leaflet being circulated in the South by a separatist group (village of Thambol Kayuboko, Amphur Raman, Yala province).]

A crisis in three southern provinces

It is noted that the government has not improved the situation of the crisis in three southern provinces and it is more serious. This is because of the wrong strategy and implementation which is policy of conquer (kill, kidnap, arrest, detain). This builds the feeling of being oppressed and apprehensive of the government. So they adapt the big strategy.
[The stiff strategy is changed to a compromise strategy] by setting up the Nation Reconciliation Council which has a privy councilor as president and coordinator to build conciliation and ability to live together. This is a beautiful policy in the eyes of people who close their eyes. [Thai sentence reads “tob hua laew loob lang“ policy = to hit on the head and then pat on the back--this means to make flattering overtures after having treating cruelly.]

Conversely, the conquer policy (kill, kidnap, arrest, detain) is still in operation, but the method and technique has changed from being in the open to being underground and commanded by Gen. Thammrak Issrangkool na Ayuthaya by operating in many ways such as zoning in red, yellow, and green zones making confusion, tumult and blaming mistakes on “the separatism.” This makes people who support the “Pattani State Restoration Movement” get angry and hate more. It is a dirty strategy for snatching the mass of people to return to supporting the reconciliation policy which is operated on the ground by Anand Panyarachun. This called is “deceived people policy.”
We implore and demand all Muslims who have Muslim consciousness to realize they should not be deceived or misguided (kuful).
[Kuful is a big sin for Muslim people who behave in a way warned against by religious prophets.]
Stop! Don't cooperate and support any policy of the government. Stop! If you think to apply as a volunteer, village police, school guard, etc. Think before you will be a victim of money--4500 baht--being exchanges with a pure Muslim, creating risk in lives and assets, hurting those who depend on your decision.
With slam and du-ar

[Slam and Du-AR is used at the end of a letter. Slam means peace and du-AR means a blessing so this means asking the blessing from the God to give peace, prosper and happiness.]

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