Songkran: What to do and what not to do

From Daily News, April 13, 2016


Thai Songkran, use water wisely.
Things to do during the Songkran Festival.


Left: Sprinkle water onto a Buddha image and monk for good fortune.

Right: Offer food to monks at the temple.


Left: Pour water on the hands of revered elders in the family and ask for blessings.

Middle: Take your children to pay respect to elders of your family to show them your gratefulness and make a close relationship.

Right: Making merit to ancestors who have already passed away.


Left: Helping your family clean the house or cleaning a public place to give to society.

Right: Set birds and fish free for merit for your life due to giving freedom to animals.


Left: Splash water gently in order to have some fun and carry on a good Songkran tradition.

Right: Doing recreation to carry on traditions.


Things not to do during the Songkran Festival.

Left: Don’t drink alcohol inside the temple or when driving.

Right: Don’t arrange any alluring performances.


Left: Don’t dress in an inappropriate way.

Right: Don’t assault any girls.


Left: Do not speak, say bad words or pick a fight with others.

Right: Do not splash or spray to driving vehicles.


Left: Don’t splash water on people who do not want to be wet or who are running an errand.

Right: Don’t teach or do the wrongdoings of Songkran traditions with foreigners.


Don’t use dirty water or splash water violently.

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