Songkran cartoons III: Virus goddess

From Khaosod, April 14, 2021
Title: COVID Rakshasa Devi ๒๕๖๔ [B.E.2564 or 2021] Go!

[Refers to this year goddess of Songkran Rakshasa Devi who rides this year’s symbolic animal, a pig. Instead of showing Rakshasa Devi, the goddess of the year is shown as COVID-19.]

From Manager, Apr 14, 2021
On the black box on the top: Economy. Annoying economy [the name of the column] Top right: Ngao [name of the cartoonist] Top left: Hey! This Songkran has COVID. They do not allow the splashing of water!?
Top Right: Why we can’t splash?
Bottom left: Here… it is!!
Bottom right:We splash with 78% alcohol.

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