“Somebody” did it!

From Thairath, April 8, 2018
Title: I-Peed again
[Refers to outrageous scandals in which on one is ever held responsible for causing.
This “somebody” is known as “I-Peed” in Thai culture. The term comes from the infamous case when a well-known and incorruptible police officer was executed in public, allegedly by the son of politician Chalerm Yubamrung.
Chalerm later explained away the killing as having been committed by someone named I-Peed. In Thai, adding the prefix “I” is insulting.
Chalerm’s sons were also credited with popularizing the boast of “do you know who my father is?” whenever they were confronted with authority figures.
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In the cartoon, “I-Peed” is shown as a scarecrow–meaning a false of fake dupe who is blamed for something someone else did.]

Top left: A cleaning-graveyard wood, I-Peed alone made a mistake.
[Refers to the useless GT-200 bomb detecting devices and the fact that no one was held responsible for their purchase.
We think that “a cleaning-graveyard wood” is a sarcastic way of saying the devices are better suited to sweeping out graveyards where there are no bombs to be found.]

Top middle: I-Peed is a person who helps Mr. Kampol go into exile!
[Refers to the fugitive owner of Victoria’s Secret Massage brothel, Kampol Wirathepsuporn, who faces charges of being involved in human trafficking and operating brothels. He was well-connected and made huge loans to the top Thai police officers. Despite being a wanted man, he seems to have easily been able to flee the country.]

Top right: Luxury watches were borrowed from a friend named I-Peed!!
[Refers to the luxury watches of Deputy PM Prawit. Although an investigation found nothing wrong with his conduct and Deputy PM Prawit insisted that all of the multi-million baht watches we wore where borrowed from non-dead friends, the entire case of Prawit’s alleged undeclared assets has hurt the credibility of the junta.]

Bottom left: Finally, I-Peed is the one who shot the black panther.
[Refers to the case of construction tycoon Premchai who was arrested for allegedly hunting protected animals including a black panther in the Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary.
After an investigation, he was not charged with killing the black panther photographed laying at his feet in the jungle. He claimed he did not know who killed it.]

Bottom middle: A powerful person of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security who cheats with the funding for the poor named I-Peed.
[Refers to the corruption of the funding for the poor under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. An intern revealed that her month’s long government job was to forge signatures on checks to the poor so her superiors could pocket the money. Once this was revealed, the scandal spread to many more provinces.
Although some lower-level officials were implicated in the scheme, it seems odd that no high-ranking persons in the ministry were called to account for the almost universal fraud that many people knew about and participated in.]

Bottom right: I-Peed is an owner of the carved out-forest residence project.
[Refers to the construction project of judge’s residences on a mountain in Chaing Mai. The site, cut into the mountainside, offended residents and caused protests.
Ultimately no one seemed to take responsibility for the planning and approval of the project.]

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