Several ways for the Thai police to earn their living


From Manager, April 27, 2015
Title: Several ways for the Thai police to earn their living
Top left: Set up the check-points to collect money [Thai police set up check-points to extort money from people who are violate rules, such as driving when drinking. Most people prefer to pay money to the police as a bribe to end the cases or avoid being ticketed.]
Top right: Guard the massage clubs… guard the gambling den.
On posters in the left and middle: Bathing sauna massage
On a sign in the right: Mr. Kor gambling den.
[Police are often assigned to protect illegal businesses, such as massages parlors or gambling dens.]
Bottom left: Receive money for helping a position promotion.
[Shows someone paying the police for helping them to be promoted since the police have connections with many groups.]
Bottom right: Eating the temple’s chicken.
In a red box: New!
[Refers to Thai idiom “an abbot eats the temple’s chicken” meaning as “the boss has the affair with his female staff.” The cartoon refers to the recently case related to the National Police Chief Somyot Pumpanmuang. He recently denied the rumors that he had an affair with a female subordinate who was murdered by her husband.]

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