Return happiness to the Dragon


From Thairath, October 1, 2014
Caption: Return happiness to the Dragon.
Phi Nooring: We don’t want the chief executive to be nominated by China.
A mouse: Return democracy

[Refers to the protests in Hong Kong. People have been protesting and calling for free elections in 2017 that do not require candidates to be vetted by the ruling party in Beijing.
“Return happiness to the people” is a frequent refrain from PM Prayuth. The cartoonist often uses the phrase to call on the military to “Return democracy or justice to the people” of Thailand.
It is notable for a pro-Red Shirt cartoonist to be siding with anti-Beijing demonstrators as it is widely rumored that Thaksin ordered the Red Shirts not to openly side with the Hong Kong protestors for fear of offending Beijing.]

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