Remembering the Thaksin Years: Thaksin Mega-Projects

From Thairath, July 22, 2003 Title: City of angels... Dream country On the sign above the model: Thaksin... Hi-tech land Two men under a table: Scholar, Opposition leader Banyat Bantadtan They hold a sign that reads: No heaven for us. [Big budget mega-projects have been the life blood of Thai political parties and Thaksin promoted a number of big budget schemes including the 50 kilometer bridge over the Gulf of Siam (and a forum thread here) and the "New City." Such projects are usually interpreted as being ways to funnel state funds to business allies of political parties. Thaksin's plan for the New City, in particular, was hampered by the 1997 constitution that stated that expropriated lands could not be used for commercial purposes. As was typical, his government simply declared they were not in violation and pressed ahead.]
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