Remember the Chiang Mai dog!

From Manager May 21, 2020
Thanathorn: Even if we parade the Red Shirt’s dead body, we still can’t call for the rally… We have run out of the issues to bring them out.
Pannika: Not yet… We still have P. Tia MCU.

[Refers to Thanathorn and his Move Forward Party raising the tragedy of the 2010 Red Shirt protest to call for a rally to oust the government.
However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, such protests cannot be held and it is likely that people are focusing more on their daily living during the pandemic making the appetite for long-term, chaotic protest, at least for now, unattractive.
The cartoonist ridicules the Progressive Movement for taking up Red Shirt issues by saying it is all desperation. He jokes that they could use the death of beloved Chiang Mai University mascot P. Tia to generate anger and gain support. P. Tia (meaning “short”) was run over and killed recently.]

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