Refocus on Prayuth!

From Thairath, April 7, 2021
Title: People’s unity for Thailand. Must overthrow Prayuth
PM Prayuth: Come to overthrow me if you can
On the signs: Article 112 [lese majeste]; Article 116 [sedition]; Slander; Deny bail; Threaten; Arrest for a long time [meaning the student protest leaders are being held without bail]
Phi Nooring: Release our friends
Mouse: Join hands every color

[This is a call to support the new Jatuporn-led anti-government group. The group was carefully composed to include a wide range of former protest leaders. This is why the mouse says “Join hands every color” and the people pictured in front have both Red shirt clapper feet and Yellow shirt clapper hands.
The new grouping seeks to refocus protest attention on unseating the government and dropping the calls for reform and discussion of the monarchy.
See also: Reverse tactics!]

From Naewna, April 8, 2021
Left: Ten will go to the protest on overthrowing the monarchy.
Right: Tu will go for overthrowing Prayuth
On the pants: Thaksin’s slave
Caption: Different, but the same prison [meaning they are linked to Thaksin]. Ten overthrows the monarchy. Tu burns the city. [refers to Red Shirt threats of arson in 2010]

[Red shirt leader Jatuporn “Tu” Prompan has started an anti-Prayuth protest group while Nattawut “Ten” Saikua maintains his support for the existing anti-monarchy group Ratsadon. The cartoon contends the actions of the two seem separate, but are both part of Thaksin’s plan.
However, in reality, there is no doubt a deep divide in former Red Shirt ranks with the core group continuing to support the student protesters and their focus on the monarchy. This seems completely opposed to Thaksin’s strategy as he has worked to make sure his party avoids the monarchy. That Jatuporn is being pushed forward as a new protest leader, along with Thaksin’s raising of his public profile again, shows that an effort is being made to pick up the momentum after the student protests have seemed to have gone nowhere recently.
See also: Reverse tactics!]

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