Red and yellow–Sign the junta’s MOU!

From Manager, January 17, 2017
Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan: If you agree to breed to become a hybrid cross, then sign this MoU… If not, I will use force.
Caption: This fancier group is… rising.

[Here are two similar cartoons from pro- and anti-Thaksin cartoonists, both commenting on military pressure fro yellow and red political groups to agree to reconcile.
This first one is from the anti-Thaksin Manager. It shows the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on reconciliation supervised by Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan with the aim to return peace and harmony to the country as promised by the ruling junta.
The junta is pressuring both the pro- and anti-Thaksin political groups to sign the agreement, here represented by a whistle-wearing young urbanite and a red buffalo.
However, Deputy PM Prawit rejected the call from politicians for the military to sign this unity pact as well in order to guarantee that the military will not conduct another coup.
The caption jokes that a new “fancy” form of cattle will result from signing the MOU–meaning the yellows and reds are being forced to breed together by the military.]

From Thairath, January 19, 2017
Title: Could you sign this one too?
On the book held by a man at right: MOU on not taking power from the people [meaning the military should have to agree not to conduct another coup]
The men in the chairs prepresent yellow and red shirts. On the books they are signing: MOU on reconciliation
Phi Nooring: Reconciliation must have justice.
A mouse: Release Pai Dao Din

[This cartoon, from a pro-Thaksin cartoonist, comments on the unfairness of the military not having to promise to refrain from further coups.
The cartoon also calls the junta to release student political activist Pai Dao Din who has been jailed for lese majeste.]

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