Tsunami warning on December 30 based on quackery

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Tsunami warning on December 30 based on quackery - December 31, 2004

Readers of 2Bangkok.com will be familiar with many articles we have run on quack products and concepts from the West being utilized in Asia by the gullible. The Indian tsunami/earthquake warning from yesterday is one such example:

False tsunami alarm sparks panic in Indian Ocean region - AP, December 31, 2004
...Hours later, the Indian government backed down, saying the alert was based on bad information from a little-known U.S. firm. But the confusion and mass panic that ensued from the false alarm highlights the lack of a coordinated tsunami warning system in the region.
..."The whole confusion has occurred because information was received by our department by ... Terra Research. (They) ... claimed they have some sensors and equipment through which they suggest there was a possibility of an earthquake," he told a televised press conference. "On the basis of this communication, for anyone to reach a conclusion that a tsunami will hit the eastern coast of India is unscientific, hogwash and should be discarded."
However, Terra Research's Larry Park said his research facility, which monitors seismic developments, believes another major quake will hit Asia again.
"It was a tough decision, but it was at least important to pass the information on. There is a good chance of a quake coming, yes, we've got a few days' window," he said...

We looked up the 'little-known US firm,' Terra Research and found a variety of pseudo science quackery. They sell a "Command Center monitors telemetry data from regional sensors and is able to accurately triangulate large earthquakes hours in advance..."

In the articles section:

Insight to the mystery of Ear Tones prior to Earthquakes - how they occur and why
An incessant low frequency ‘hum’ tone has been torturing residents in an area in the US in Taos, New Mexico, where the noise often drives people crazy. Only heard by a few, called human ‘hummers’, the low-pitched 30 to 80 Hz tone is perceived as sound, but it hasn’t been found with sensitive microphones or electromagnetic sensors. It has baffled researchers for years, but ear tone research of tones prior to earthquakes may unlock this mystery and may even possibly lead to an insight into a remedy for Tinnitus – a constant ringing in the ears that afflicts up to 50 million Americans.

Unlocking the mystery of 'Earthquake Clouds’ – how they form & why – Are they accurate in prediction?

God's Firmament & the Earthquake
...This wrong turn formed an errant foundation our current physics and science rests upon, starting from Albert Einstein (Einstein's Postulates & special theory of relativity) to modern day electromagnetic theory. This wrong turn will rock science to its foundation when realized. It will shatter theories and rewrite a century of books. Among the most devastating will be a crumbling of modern astrophysical theory on formation of our universe (big bang, age of, redshift, and more)...

Read the full article that also claims Science 'goofed' on assuming ether is non-existent.

It is bizarre that the leadership of a nation of one billion would be acting on information from a company like this.
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