Sondhi’s protest instructions

Sondhi's protest instructions - February 4, 2006
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This is a small booklet being handed out around town giving details and instructions about the protest at the Royal Plaza on February 4.

Right: Rescue the nation - 4 February

Left: Make protest signs in English too because English-language signs are honored by being in the international media...

[A Thai nickname for Thaksin is "Mr. Square Face. Also, the Manager website site has a downloadable ringtone that says "get out!"]

A few of the tips in the booklet (everything points for people to be prepared for a long stay):

- Bring some mouthwash
- Don't forget to bring your cell phone charger and batteries
- Bring a hat
- Women should know all the things they need to bring
- Underwear: some can only wear for one day, others can go for several days
- Women can wear long skirts, but pants are better
- Bring several pairs of socks to change into

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