Profiteering from Palm Oil

From ThaiRath, February 23, 2011
The cartoon headline reads: The war to seize oil
The words above the bottle reads: Taking benefits from the crisis on palm oil [pricing]
The words on the bottle read: Palm oil
The words on the stove on the left: Bhumjaithai Party
The words on the stove on the right: Democrat Party
The words bowl containing eggs: The kilo egg [referring to the government program to sell eggs by the kilo]
The words on the lady: Commerce [she is Pornthiva Nakasai, the Commerce Minister]
The words on the man: Deputy Minister [Deputy Minister Suthep Tuaksuban, political godfather who is believed to be involved in profiteering from the palm oil price]

[This refers to the continuing shortages of palm oil, allegedly manufactured by provincial kingpins like Suthep and those in the Bhumjaithai Party to both reap enormous profits to finance the upcoming election and score political points against their opponents.]

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