Pride, exhaustion drive Cambodian leader to tears

Does the U.S. Owe Cambodia an Apology? –, November 21, 2012
Kudos to President Obama for not using his recent trip to Cambodia as an opportunity to apologize for supposed American sins of the past. His failure to do so must come as a grave disappointment to New York Times White House reporter Peter Baker (an excellent reporter, by the way), who writes an entire article lamenting the lack of an Obama apology…

Pride, exhaustion drive Cambodian leader to tears – AP, November 20, 2012
Cambodian strongman Hun Sen was driven to tears Tuesday as he declared how proud his small country was to host the region’s main summit meeting, and said he was too exhausted to take any questions from journalists.
Hun Sen was likely to have faced a grilling from reporters over his attempts during the summit to halt discussions of territorial disputes involving China, a key Cambodian ally. China has insisted that the disputes be resolved bilaterally, not in a group context…

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