Pride and money comes at the same time

From Thairath, December 16, 2016
From bottom left to bottom right: Salary, Money awarded from politics, Advisor to private companies, Bribes
Phi nooring: Drunk by money, power and pride
A mouse: Do you have morals?
Caption: Pride and money (comes at the same time)

[This shows the many avenues that allow police officers to become wealthy. Specifically it refers to a top officer in the force who has come under fire for being under contract as a consultant to a company while he was on the force, creating a possible conflict of interest.
As this cartoonist is pro-Thaksin and pro-Red Shirt, it is a relative rarity to see cartoons from him criticizing the Royal Thai Police. The police have long been personally loyal to Thaksin and Thaksin has been adept at maintaining relationship with top men in the force. However, recent incidents have laid bare the compromised nature of the police force and provoked criticism from across the political spectrum.]

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