Red Shirts Insist a Coup is Near

From Manager, February 4, 2011
At left, UDD Acting leader Thida Thavirnset and UDD leader Jatuporn Prompan are seated. Thida is saying: Soldier, don’t dare think about staging a coup d’etat. We Red Shirts will not allow it. We will gather on the road and fight against it to the end.
PM Abhisit is saying: Yeah Sis, threaten them, do not let them do it.
The caption reads: The first time that Mark cheers the Red Shirt’s opinion.
[This refers to the widely disseminated rumor–mainly by the Red Shirts–that the military fear a Pheu Thai election win and are planning a coup. Another version of this theory says the military fear a Democrat election win which would limit their control and that’s why they want a coup.]

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