Prayuth in Trumpland

From Manager, October 3, 2017
President Donald Trump: I open the White House for you to freely visit. Then, you have to buy some expensive things from our shops to bring back home… Ok?
Caption: US’s style zero-dollar tour

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s trip to visit the White House. The visit of PM raised concern that President Trump would pressure Thailand to buy more things, including weapons, from the US to reduce the trade surplus.
Here the cartoonist compares this to Thailand’s zero-dollar tours where Chinese tourists are brought to Thailand for free and then pressured to buy overpriced souvenirs.
In the cartoon, Trump employs the same tactic on Prayuth when he visits the US.]

Title: Welcome ‘good friend’
[This reflects Thai concern that Trump’s “America First” policy will pressure Thailand in buying more from the US to correct the trade imbalance.]

From Manager, October 4, 2017
Red Shirts: No!!! It’s an edited picture!
Caption: It opposes those people’s beliefs.

[Before Trump came into office, the US seemed to shun Thailand’s military prime minister. This pleased the Red Shirts who are opposed to the military coup that derailed the Pheu Thai-led government’s attempt to pardon Thaksin.
President Trump’s White House, on the other hand, has courted several leaders from non-democratic systems including Thailand’s PM Prayuth.
The cartoonist notes that Trump’s embrace of the military ruler must irk the Red Shirts who have insisted that the military-appointed prime minister has made Thailand a pariah state.]

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