Prayuth catches lizards

From Manager, April 29, 2018
PM Prayuth at left: “Black cat, white cat. You can catch the mouse, you are good too.”
Man at right: Son of a bitch!… That is a lizard… not a cat!!!
Caption: Be careful of this phrase’s owner. He would stand up mad.

[Refers to Mao Zedong’s quote “it doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.” Mao’s quote refers to the political system used to govern China in that, whatever system it is, if it works it is good for the country.
Here, PM Prayuth is making alliances with venal old politicians, here represented by monitor lizards, which are reviled animals in the Thai world.
Prayuth uses Mao’s quote to mean that it does not matter how bad his political allies are as long as they assist in shutting Thaksin out of power.
In the caption, the owner of the phase is Mao Zedong. The cartoonist shows that PM Prayuth uses Mao Zedong’s phase in the wrong way. Mao did not mind what political system it was as long as it was good for the country. However, in case of PM Prayuth, he seems to say he can join hands with anyone as long as they are against Thaksin. This brings very bad politicians to power which must be bad for the country.]

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