Potjaman takes control

From Naewna, October 15, 2020
Khunying Potjaman: It is a trash of a neighbor which was left for years because a garbage man didn’t pick up it. That’s why I must throw it out by myself.
On the trash can: Kao Luang Party
On the trash bag: Overthrow the monarchy party

[Refers to Thaksin’s ex-wife Khunying Potjaman, known as the de facto leader of the Phea Thai Party. Amid anti-government protests supported by opposition parties led by the Move Forward Party and former members of the disbanded Future Forward Party, Potjaman and her family have signaled their support for the monarchy system through donations and a party reorganization designed to recapture control of the opposition.
(It is interesting to see foreign media reports like this one from a “correspondent for a progressive online newspaper based in Bangkok” that claims that Thaksin’s “lower-class base, the so-called “Red Shirts” have now joined the protest. While there is no evidence to support this yet and Potjaman’s actions were meant to stop this from happening, it does show how there is a battle for control of the opposition.)
This cartoon mocks the Thai name of the Move Forward Party by instead calling it the “Kao Luang” Party meaning stepping over. Luang is something like violating. Together it means they have the temerity to step over the monarchy.]

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