Poor Yingluck!


Above, at top right: Yingluck Shinawatra, 28th Prime Minister

Matichon Apologizes For ‘Blasphemous’ Cartoon – KhaoSod, January 31, 2015
…Drawn by Arun Watcharasawad, the cartoon presumably intended to portray Yingluck’s impeachment by the junta-appointed parliament on 23 January as unjust, similar to the persecution of Jesus Christ at the hands of the Romans…

[Comments in Thai-language forums about the cartoon ran along the lines of “the thorns should be rhino horns.” In Thai, the word for “rhino” also can mean “slutty” and thus rhinos are cited to insult females.]


She died for our sins: Savior Yingluck carrying a “Shinawatra” cross.

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