Political Songs

From Thairath, March 2, 2019
Left, man: Before coming to Thailand, I was advised to beware of the color of my shirt because it may imply a political stand. [refers to the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts supporting and opposing Thaksin respecitively]
Woman: Now, it is not anymore…
Middle, woman: …you have to beware of listening to the music.
Man: Listen the music? Why has that become a problem?
Right: One political group is against the song entitled “Prathet Ku Mee” while another is against the song entitled “Nak Phandin!”

[Recently songs have become related to the political situation.
“Prathet Ku Mee” (“What My Country’s Got”) is anti-junta song.
The anti-communist song “Nak Phandin” (“Burden to the Land”) was recently revived by Army Chief General Apirat in response the the Phua Thai Party’s pledge to cut the military budget.)

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